How to arrange and select luggage as you go traveling

Are you having trouble in packing luggage arrangement when traveling? Do not you know what you should bring and what to leave? And, you do not know how to arrange for the suitcase might contain many items that are compact. This article will give you the golden rules when choosing packing luggage tour and help defeat all these problems.

Make a list of things need to bring

To arrange and select the right luggage when traveling, you have to remember that you need to establish a list of items you need to bring in advance. Then, you put them on the floor or bed to check again. This will help you to select the items required and no need to carry. Also, you should avoid luggage you have folded.

Before getting on the list and putting all things in luggage, you need to find out the weather and customs in there. Also, you put enough clothes for the day you are traveling, as well as a small empty sections in the suitcase because you can buy souvenirs or gifts when you return.


Selecting the appropriate suitcase

For short trips, you should choose small suitcase, lightweight and wheeled pull. This will help you move easily, and protect the belongings inside. Especially, if you are on a plane, they shall determine the weight of your suitcase to deposit, so you please choose carefully. The most important need to be note when baggage is to check the suitcase by special signs. The aim of this is to avoid getting them lost.

In addition, you also need to prepare some small backpacks or large handbags to carry because you cannot roll them all the time. Moreover, there are some precautions case of purchasing gift items that you cannot cram them all in suitcases.

How to arrange things in suitcases

– Place heavy objects below: The golden rule when arrange luggage is to put heavy items like jeans, thick coat, bags of personal hygiene, cosmetics down to the bottom of the suitcase. If you use them, please put dragging suitcases at the end of the suitcase. This golden rule will ensure your items are not crumpled, and also not take much space when you put them on.

– Choose the right clothes, versatile, easily to combine: With clothes, you should bring the convenient, easy to dry, easy to incorporate ones and they have to be in accordance with the weather and the number of days you travel. Also, you need to bring multifunctional clothes such as pants.

– Curl clothes before putting them into the suitcase: Another golden rule is to pack your travel clothes go curling up in and put them side by side until the end of the suitcase. Underwear should be stowed, for in a bag and put in open place in a suitcase. The shirt, jacket are easy creased in the usual way and put on top of the suit.

– Take advantage of the gaps: You should also take advantage of all the gaps can, for example, all stuffed into the shoes, to save each insertion site. With underwear, makeup, medicines you can hit them into the shoes after you wrap them in sealed plastic bags.

– Ratings map layers and remove sundries in small bags: How to arrange the travel luggage is extremely rewarding, because it will help you find items more easily. According experienced travel backpack professional, you should put in order: Shoes, shirts, trousers, skirts, accessories and supplies for the job and the shirt.

– Reverse the fragile middle class clothing: If you carry fragile items, you should follow the golden rule when you carry travel pack. Most dark you should roll them in clothes and placed between layers of other clothing.

These items should be limited to carry

According to the arrangement and selection of luggage while traveling, you should refrain from carrying supplies up, thick coat, heavy or long and thick jeans, unless you are traveling in cold regions. The reason is that they take up so much space, take long time to dry, easily to get dust and make your luggage weight increased significantly.


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