What you often notice about fields in general and baseball fields or football stadiums in particular is how beautiful they look with grass stripes. Grass stripes make fields look visually stunning and professional at the same time. This can be achieved through a process known as lawn stripping with the best push lawn mower or other appropriate mower types if you have the skill and patience to do so. Here is what you should know to create a makeover for the field through lawn stripping:

  1. What is lawn stripping?

Lawn stripping can be considered a mowing technique for cutting or orienting grass in a particular pattern. This technique enhances the field’s aesthetic and professional appearance. You can find it in ballparks, gold courses, baseball stadiums….in various patterns.

Stripes are caused by bending the blades of grass over when mowing in opposite directions. The technique makes use of light and shadow to create stripes of alternating light and dark green shades. The grass blades bent towards your mowing direction appear to be lighter in shade while the grass blades bent towards you appear to be darker in shade.

Take note that lawn stripping is healthy for grass because mowing in one direction too often can cause damage to the grass. The tire marks that always run in one direction will leave ugly spots on the lawn, causing taller grass to bend over and take away the sunlight from lower grass below.

  1. How are stripes created?

You can use any mower to create stripes by bending the grass in the direction it goes. For best stripes, you should use mowers equipped with rollers so that the stripes created last longer and stay consistent.

To create stripes on fields, a reel mower with multiple rollers in the front and back of the mower is used. It is a high-tech and costly machine used for large areas such as gold course of baseball field

A stripping kit can assist the process of lawn stripping for a walking or riding rotary mower. It is attached on the mower’s rear or behind the deck to lay the grass down.

  1. Factors affecting lawn stripes:
  • Grass type: take note that not all grass types have the same stripes. Some hold stripes very well, some don’t. Different grass types also require different cutting height. Bermuda grass is said to not hold stripes well. Good stripes can be created with cool-season grasses rather than with warm-season grasses.
  • Mower type: As mentioned above, any mower can create stripes but those with rollers and/or stripping kits can create better stripes. Choose the right equipment will make your task much easier. By using rollers to bend the grass further, we can intensify the stripes and create more dramatic looks.
  • Blade of lawn mower: You can tell the different between stripes created by sharp blades and stripes created by dull blades. Sharp blades prove cleaner cuts and it is an important factor to make the grass healthy.
  • Mowing directions: Mowing in opposite directions cause the grass to bend and create contrasting stripe effects of light and dark shade of green. Remember to mow straight and move high: move in straight line to create good stripes (by fixing your eyes on an object in the distance) and move high so that the longer grasses reflect more light and the stripes are more noticeable. Remember the general rule in mowing that we don’t cut more than 1/3 of the grass blade; or else it is not healthy for our lawn.
  • Light angle: as grass blades are bent forward or backward, light or dark stripes appear depending on how the light strikes it. Also, the sun’s various positions within a day affect the intensity of stripe patterns. The stripes look lighter during the day and more intense when the sun sets. The place from which you view the stripes also affects how they look.
  • Cutting frequency: Frequent cutting helps to intensify stripes.
  • Skills and experience of mower operator: creating grass stripes may not be difficult but creating visually stunning stripes relies a lot on the skill and experience of the mower operator.

Lawn stripping helps the field looks cool and beautiful. It is not complicated and you can even do it at home with just a lawn mower and a roller. Begin with basic stripes and you will soon learn the hang of law stripping to create much more complicated patterns,


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