Stimulating our children playing outdoor sports is very advantageous on the grounds that it will improve their health and reduce a lot of diseases. This article will introduce to you four steps to provoke a love of children for outdoor activities.

  1.  Create a physical foundation

The first important thing for young adults to be able to participate in activities is to have a physical foundation. Parents should get access to sources of information in the internet and in real life in order to learn to create an appropriate diet for their children of different ages such as nutritional balance in meals and snacks especially in the early stage of the growth in height and weight.

So when should we allow our children to play sports? As children who complete the physical ability, they are able to start playing sports then. Of course at this time we will select the very simple movements for children to get used to.

For example, children entering kindergarten can perform two movements ‘throw’ and ‘run’ separately but they cannot not be skillful when they combines these two movements together. The reason is that their skills and thinking have not yet fully developed. Therefore, children of this age should take part in activities that require less competition. It is only play when it is their turns. The purpose of this is to create fun for them and stimulate them make movements.

  1. Parents are the first companions

As a child, the parents let the children become familiar with the simple movements like jumping, fitness training lessons for kids, throwing the ball into the basket, catching the ball or running. If parents have time, they should train their children and consider it to be a family game and also provide an opportunity for young people to develop skills and overall fitness. In addition to this, parents can have fun with their children.

It depends on preference and health status of the children to choose the appropriate form of exercise: gentle or dynamic, flexible or strong … If the children do not like sports or somewhat timid, afraid of strangers, parents can let the children acquainted with the game related to brainstorm, art to determine the trend of development and make children become familiar with the new environment.

When moving especially with the strong movements, parents should have plans to reduce injury by equipping their children with protection devices such as sport shoes, tape protecting the joints, helmets … Do not worry about the scratches.

  1. Encourage your children to join the team

Each sport requires a teammate and an opponent. Parents ought to register in sports classes for children’s participation, encouraging them to play actively in the activities of schools and classrooms, among friends or simply let them play with neighbors.

It is from being a member of a group, children will learn new knowledge, new skills, which helps them increase their self-confidence, improve their ability to communicate, behave in different situations.

  1. Inspiring

If you want their children to do whatever you like, you should inspire them first. Therefore, a motive for children to participate in active games is parents’ praise. Although children are not mature as game players, parents should say that children have done very well. In addition to this, parents should let children see the effect when playing as “recently, our sun looks healthier thanks to kicking the ball”. Children will surely get excited and want to play more.

With sports for kids, parents should also invest useful items for children such as racquets, balls, bicycles … It also becomes the reason children never miss the outdoor fun.

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